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Jerusalem Jesus trip: According to four canonical gospels, Jesus entered Jerusalem before the Last Supper, and this marks the beginning of his Passion. Jesus wanted to go to Jerusalem through Samaria but the residents of Samaria would not allow him so he and his disciples went through Perea.  On his first day, he raised Lazarus from the dead and all the crowd gathered around him and believed him John 12:9-11. The next day the mob that had gathered for the feast welcomed him formally in Jerusalem. There is another historical reference in Mathew about Jesus’s entry, in Mathew 21:1-11 Jesus is said to be descended from the Mount of Olives and all the crowd lay their clothes on ground as a welcome gesture.

Christians celebrate this day of Jesus entry in Jerusalem as Palm Sunday, this is observed a week before Easter Sunday. In the synoptic gospels, Jesus is believed to send two of his disciples towards the village to retrieve a donkey that had been tied up but never ridden. The disciples laid their cloaks on a donkey to make it more comfortable for Jesus to ride on. Jesus rode that donkey and entered Jerusalem. While going to Jerusalem Jesus was aware of the events that were bound to happen there. Jesus prophesized certain incidents and the apostles believed in him. They admitted that he was the Messiah.

Jerusalem Jesus tour

Many people that accompanied him to Jerusalem were afraid (Mark 10:32-34). Jesus told his believers that his death is approaching and he will die on a cross. On hearing this the disciples got confused and could not understand. They believed that Jesus will establish a kingdom on earth and appoint them as chiefs and rulers in that kingdom. Resulting in them being popular, prominent and powerful.

The governor of Jerusalem asked Jesus different questions, he asked about the ‘Kingdom’. Jesus told him that my “Kingdom does not belong to this world”. The apostles could not understand this answer at that time but they did after Jesus came alive again. Jesus told the people that he is the messiah. He has come to tell them to worship God and to repent on their sins. The Jews of Jerusalem did not pay heed to his teachings, instead, they kept on asking questions. They wanted Jesus to give wrong answers but He always answered with blessed gifted wisdom and great knowledge. When all their plans failed they stopped asking him questions and plotted another scheme: that is to kill Jesus on the cross.

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