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Jesus baptism: The Baptism of Christ is the day of the feast or the feast day, this day commemorates the Baptism of Jesus by the hand of John the Baptist in the Jordan River. According to modern theology, the baptism of J Christ was celebrated as Epiphany, which celebrates the wedding at Cana, the coming of magi and the baptism of Jesus.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ holds significant importance in the religion of Christianity. After Jesus crucifixion, this event holds lots of importance in Orthodox history. This event marks the starting point of the historical and religious venture of Jesus and the study of modern theologians. The Baptism of Jesus is explained in Luke, Mathew and Mark. According to religious historians, the Baptism of Jesus was performed by John the Baptist.

The concept of Baptism is considered to be an important ritual for Christians, and its origin lies in the Baptism of Jesus. This is considered to be the start of his ministry, after the ministry of John the Baptist. John the Baptist used Baptism as a prominent sacrament of his messiah movement. He is known to be the follower of Christian belief himself.

Similarity with Jewish Purification

Baptism is more or less similar to Tvilah, (a Jewish purification rite of immersing in water) in order to convert to Judaism. In early Christianity, baptism was simple immersion in water, complete and partial was normal. Depending on the amount of water and place of baptism much rules were flexible and therefore it had varying approaches. It won’t be wrong to say that there was no universality or consistent mode of baptism in the ancient church.

Towards the end of fourth-century baptism evolved and it included exorcisms, chrismation, laying of hands and recitation of a creed. Towards the Middle Ages Baptism was mostly performed with the candidate being naked. It was considered as a form of rebirth (birth by the spirit and water). That’s why the idea of nakedness, as man is naked when he is born, and baptism being second birth demanded the candidate being naked.

All denominations have different views regarding the effect of it on an individual. Some groups of Christians believe that baptism is required to attain salvation. It is a sacrament, a holy ritual to attain God’s blessing. It is important in all the sects and is related mostly to their interpretation of the “Mystical Body of Christ” as recorded in the New Testament.

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