Churches are run almost entirely on what their congregation can give — both in terms of time and money. Volunteering is a wonderful way to get plugged into your church, engage in your community, and serve Jesus at the same time. Below are some ways your church could benefit from your help:

Give parishioners a ride

Some people, especially the elderly and infirm, have trouble getting to church. Ask around if there’s anyone who could use a lift.

Help tidy up

A lot of people come through the church for service or other events. If you have a few minutes, stay afterward to clean up anything they left behind.


If you’re knowledgeable about the church and have some teaching experience, some eager learners newer to the faith could use your talents. Ask a pastor if there are any classes you could teach.

Join in on the music

You sing along with the choir; why not join them? Your voice can be a welcome addition. If you play an instrument, maybe there’s a worship band you could play in.

Greet churchgoers

If you get to church early, taking some time to greet people can really make their day. If it’s raining, you could even take an umbrella and walk people from their cars.

Manage your church’s social media

Everybody’s on Facebook, even your church. If you have an aptitude for social media, you could help manage your parish’s profiles. Maybe they just need someone to take some video during mass to post online and bring in new visitors.

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