Life of St Seraphim Of Sarov

St Seraphim of Sarov was born in 1759, in the city of Kursk. His guardians were pious Orthodox Christians, examples of genuine spirituality. At the age of ten, Seraphim was supernaturally healed from a serious sickness by means of the Kursk symbol of the Theotokos. As a boy, he immersed himself in church administrations and church writing.

Divine services:

He started religious life at the isolation of Sarov at the age of nineteen. He was tonsured as a monk when he was twenty-seven, and before long a while later was appointed a minister. The intensity and virtue of Seraphim’s cooperation within the Divine administrations are apparent as he was permitted to see angels, and amid the ritual on heavenly Thursday, he saw the Ruler Himself.

Attack on St Seraphim of Sarov:

In 1804, Seraphim was assaulted by thieves and nearly beaten to death. After this occasion, the Saint started more intense supplications, ceaseless for a thousand days and a thousand evenings, praying to God. Seraphim returned to the religious community in 1810 but proceeded to live in supplication, and silent separation for another ten years. In a submission to a brilliant vision, Seraphim finished his silence and began to talk for the advantage of others.

Death of his last elder instructor:

In 1807, his last elder and teachers, Abbot Isaiah, passed on. He went into absolute separation, denying seeing anybody and keeping quiet for three years. St Seraphim did not come to the Cloister indeed for divine Administrations on Sunday. He, however, killed the interests and desires of the ancient man.

Last years of St Seraphim De Sarov:

For the final eight years of his life St. Seraphim lived in the timberland of Sarov and received the thousands of travellers who came to him to inquire about his supplications and spiritual advice. He was in steady contact with the world above. The Mother of God Herself showed up to him. He passed on bowing before an icon of the Mother of God.

Death of Seraphim:

St Seraphim of Sarov died on January 14, 1833. He was a unique personality, having the powers no one else had. He could see the things beyond this life and was a helpful person. Others admired him and came to him for help or any kind of guidance. Saint Seraphim was devoted many times but he got courage every time to leave everything behind and start a new life to help the ones who needed him.

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