While there are many perspectives on who Mary Magdalene was, the truth about Mary Magdalene still remains a mystery.

Better known as “the Apostle of Apostles”, Mary was a resident of a coastal city of Galilee, which earned her the name of Magdalene. Gospels establish that Mary, along with some other women, followed after the Christ and “provided for them out of their means.” Mary Magdalene, along with other pious women, Joanna (wife of Choza), Susanna and others. She not only served him with her own possessions but also shared with the Apostles the evangelic tasks in common.

The Gospel also relates that Magdalene was present at the crucifixion of Christ and at the Procession of Christ, along with other women. The Evangelist Luke’s view states that Mary was there when Lord took on Himself the heavy Cross. Upon collapsing under the great weight. The women wept and went after the Christ, but He consoled them. It is narrated that while all the disciples dashed, Apostle to the Apostles. Mary Magdalene, stood tall at the Cross, with the Mother of God and the Apostle John.

Evangelist John writes about Mary

Mary wasn’t just faithful to the Lord during the lifetime, but also in times of humiliation and after the crucifixion. Evangelist John writes that Mary came to the grave so early that it was still dark. She went to the tomb alone and was the first to discover that the stone was pushed away from the cave. In state of panic, she ran to the close Apostles of Christ, Peter and John. Magdalene went down the tomb to confirm it really was empty where she saw two angels in white garments. She then saw Risen Jesus but did not recognize Him at first. The conversation them is by far one of the most touching ones. She recognized her Lord by the voice and joyfully screamed, “Rabbi!” (Teacher)

Actual Truth related to Mary Magdalene

The truth about Mary Magdalene was that she was a fearless, daring woman. Throughout her life she stood by Christ and helped Him in every way. She had the honor to be the first one to see, and talk to Jesus after His Resurrection. Holy Tradition testifies that Mary Magdalene went with Apostles to Jerusalem to preach to the outer world. The truth about Mary Magdalene is that she was a heroic, determined lady who crossed all boundaries to preach the word of her Lord to everyone. She had the distinct gift to have spoken with the Risen Lord and she convinced every one of the Resurrection.

The truth about Mary Magdalene is that she was the pioneer behind the custom to give each other paschal eggs on the day of Radiant Resurrection of Christ. Saint Mary traveled to Rome and two years after the stay there, she moved to Ephesus where the Apostle John unceasingly labored.

The ‘Myrrhbearer’ is honored by the Orthodox Church till date. Devotion of her life and her pure love for Christ is the truth about Mary Magdalene.

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